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4 Online Businesses Run By Melbourne Gal Pals That You Need To Know About

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The girls who are slaying it selling services n' stuff online tell us their secrets

One-woman businesses are taking advantage of the huge 'girl advice group' culture that exists online. Self-promoting and social media marketing their way to huge followings and small business success.

These entrepreneurial Melbourne Small Business Gal Pals use each other to gain support online, growing their followings together and buying from each other's businesses.

I've asked 4 girls behind 4 small, Melbourne businesses to share their secrets... (so we can all copy them and become successful side-hustlers too. You're welcome).

MIKIBEADS By Mikaela Borg

A mindful moment turned Insta-empire. Melbourne based teaching student Mikaela’s hand-made beaded trinkets can now be found in classrooms all across the country.

Mikibeads went live this time last year. Since then, Mikaela's packed over 5,500 orders, hand-rolled a fricken heap of beads, grown a 10.2k strong following on Instagram, and amassed a whole lotta chicks like me in her inbox like me, asking her how she did it.

Her tip to us?

“There are so many other businesses out there doing similar things, or maybe even the same things as you. Find something that makes you stand out and you’ll succeed.”

Which is exactly what she did. Mikaela found her niche market in fellow teachers. GENIUS. She markets to teachers, has teacher-influencers as brand ambassadors (which I didn’t even know was a thing until I saw the Mikibeads page, I don’t even know if you call them teacher Influencers but this is what I mean) and making custom products for teachers. I’ve just said the word ‘teacher’ more times just now than I have in my life collectively, but what I’m trying to say is, she has absolutely nailed the ‘find your niche’ mantra.

What I love...

These teacher earrings are SUCH a great end-of-year, thanks-for-putting-up-with-my-kid-being-a-dick-all-year present for your teacher!

THE TRAXI By Rhea Gotsis

The Traxi has succeeded by solving our problems. Rhea saw an opportunity in establishing a delivery business for the massive Girls Trade/Buy/Sell/Rent culture that existed online. Already, she’s found a purpose for her business in the market. Then Coronavirus happened.

Coronavirus meant Rhea was stood down and needed to make this work. We all got told to stay inside. The demand for delivery sored. I don’t know about you, but I was over here waiting 6 weeks for my fucking Target dog clippers to come. The postal system shat itself, and The Traxi came to fill yet another hole in the market. Same day delivery.

The Traxi prides themselves on a personal touch. Unlike my piece of shit postman who REPEATEDLY holds down the screeching doorbell EVERY SINGLE MORNING even though EVERY SINGLE MORNING I tell him not to do it, Rhea takes care of your stuff, gets it there on-time guaranteed, AND is a good human being.

I think Rhea’s approach to The Traxi is an awesome story of making something work cause it has to, and not accepting the shit hand you can be dealt.

What I love...

Traxi helps other small businesses in Melbourne! Ensuring everyone's stuff is delivered on time and with care, Traxi gives business owners the option to offer home delivery which is a game-changer at the moment.

MODERN GRAZING By Kristina Tseprailidis

Kristina had always been the friend you task with organising your bridal shower and your wedding. She discovered her passion for party planning passion while organising her own 21st birthday and has been creating those super extra balloon arches you see at influencer parties ever since. The event stylist had to adapt during the COVID19 lockdowns and now had the time to start offering instagrammable grazing boxes, to cater to socially distanced isolation celebrations.

Kristina sources her products from other small local businesses, and makes sure her business is completely compliant and safe.

"It’s never been more important to maintain and continuously practice safe food handling, so I ensured I was registered through my local council as a safe practising food premises as well as ensured I was certified as a food safety supervisor."

This is a bloody good thing to remember if you're someone who's thinking about selling those personalised cookies I see everywhere or even arty cakes. Make sure you are doing everything to the book.

What I love...

With restrictions looking like they are going to come down on us again, a grazing box and a few bottles of bubbles are exactly what we need to create that Saturday arvo on the wines with the gals, in our own house. Girl, you deserve more than a box of Savoys and french onion dip from Woolies.

LINE LANGUAGE By Laura Di Donato

It was Laura and her partner Luis' love that lined the way for success in this lockdown business. Laura wanted a minimalist picture of her new whippet pup. When Architect Luis put pen to paper, Laura saw dollar signs.

Laura is now the artist behind the beautiful social media page and back end of the business. This is a great example of why you should spend time planning and branding and making sure it looks beautiful on Instagram because this could be your end product- a business that looks professional and established, even though it's very new.

Laura, who surprisingly has no previous experience in social media management says she follows other businesses she likes for inspiration. Her hot tip is to

"Organise your posts ahead of time! So you’re not scrambling to post just anything. I also use the app UNUM so I can see what the new post will look like in my feed before I post."

What I love...

I have a leGIT addiction to buying custom portraits of my dog (like any dog-mum should tbh) so I can tell you from experience this is a well-priced portrait (especially when you use the code '10off' for 10% off first purchases). While I'm here, we should make pet baby-showers a thing and buy these for the ex-PET-ting parents. Ok, I'm done now. Wondering what travel will look like post-coronavirus? I asked 3 industry professionals what they think, have a look what they said. - Zoe Scutter @travellingzworld

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